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PROJECT AAM (African-American Male) FACT SHEET
Founder/Chief Literacy Coach, Dr. Brynda E. Parker

Q.  Who should register for Project AAM?
A.  Anyone who is experiencing low literacy to include those who cannot read and/or those who want to improve reading, reading comprehension/fluency writing, and public speaking skills. Age Limit: 4 years old to adult (males/ and females are welcome to register for literacy sessions).

Q.  What is the registration process and how much is registration?
A.  A one-time Registration fee of $25.00 is required at the beginning of the nine week session. Sessions are $15.00 per 1 hour of literacy coaching per person. Adult students or parents/guardians of children may choose to pay a one time fee of $160.00 to include the registration fee of $25 and $135 for nine weeks of literacy coaching, or students may pay $15.00 weekly. Students may have two hour sessions on the same day. The registration process is repeated with each nine week renewal of literacy coaching. Payment methods include: Check, Money Order, Credit Cards, and Cash. Receipts will be provided for all payments.

Q. Can churches or businesses register groups for literacy sessions?
A.  Yes. If a church, business, youth or adult group, would like group literacy sessions to be held at their location for the 9 week period, arrangements can be made to minister literacy to “serious” learners. One Time transportation/travel fee to the site: $45.00 (e.g.,9 sessions x $5.00).  
*Saturday group sessions can be arranged for churches and businesses -3 hour 10 participants minimum.

Q. Can Project AAM help me pass the Reading/Language Arts/Writing sections of the GED Exam?
A. Yes. Your Individual Literacy Goal (ILG) will include many reading, writing opportunities, and mock tests to assist you in self-assessment. All student information is confidential, but may be released to a third party per student request.

Q. Where will the group sessions be held?
A. Virginia Beach Central Library, Virginia Beach Blvd., on-site, or at other approved essential locations as an alternative.

Q. What materials will I need to bring to each session?
A.  A notebook, pen and pencil, Holy Bible (King James Version), and loose leaf paper. The Holy Bible (KJV) will be the primary textbook. School textbooks or company/church/organization literature that present a challenge for students are welcome per advisement of the Literacy Coach. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the successful end of the nine week sessions. All missed sessions must be re-scheduled until the nine week session limit is reached.

Q. When do sessions begin and is there a formal agreement to sign?
A.  Individual sessions will begin upon registration and conclude nine (9) weeks from the date of registration or until the student has completed nine literacy sessions. Yes, there is a formal agreement—Accountability & Excellence are essential to your progress in Project AAM. Each student is expected to achieve his/her Individual Literacy Goal (ILG) before the nine week sessions conclude. Home Study is essential to the student’s progress. Practice lessons must be completed and submitted weekly.

Q. What will I gain from these sessions?
A.  It depends on you/your child’s literacy needs. There are 7 measurable categories from which students can select assistance, for example: Reading-Comprehension/Fluency, Grammar, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary Building, and Public Speaking. Pre Assessments and Post Assessments and individual skills inventories will be used to guide and evaluate student progress.  Session times and days vary per individual and depend on availability and convenience for both the Literacy Coach and student.

Q. How can I register for Project AAM Literacy sessions?
A. Call (757) 803-8318 or email: bryndaparker@gmail.com or write: PROJECT AAM P.O. Box 55182 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23471.  

An audio version of this fact sheet is available upon request.